Amor e Progresso

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Amor e Progresso
(Love and Progress)
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Amor e Progresso is a video essay made in 2014 on the Templo da Humanidade (« Temple of Humanity ») in Rio de Janeiro, one of the three still existing temples of the Positivist community in Brazil.
Positivism was founded by the French mathematician, philosopher and critic of religion Auguste Comte (1798-1857) as a post-revolutionary and post-enlightenment philosophy trying on one hand to include different social bodies newly appeared after the french revolution and during the beginning of the industrial one and at the same time trying to frame it into a model of social organization based on order, progress and altruism.
Followers of Comte and the Positivist Church played an important role in the dissemination of republican ideas, as well as in the end the overthrow of the monarchy and the proclamation of the Brazilian Republic in 1889. At the same time close to liberalism, and calling for social justice, Positivist ideology gained considerable influence in the political and social fabric of the Brazilian Republic, especially among military engineers. The motto Ordem e Progresso (« Order and Progress ») graces the Brazilian flag and is still a state doctrine.
Grisey’s film presents documentary footage that shows the current state of the temple next to found footage that gives an insight into the origins of Positivism, the associated “Religion of Humanity”, their representations and their transfer in the (post-)colonial Brazilian context.


Raphael Grisey, Capacete Entretenimentos

Language of Production

Portuguese, English


Portuguese, English

Production Location

Brazil, France


  • Voice over: Raphaël Grisey, Siri Lamoureaux
  • With: Giovanni Fernandes
  • Camera and editing: Raphaël Grisey
  • Sound: Raphaël Grisey, Hildur Gudnadottir
  • Translation: Raphaël Grisey, Claire Spiker, Siri Lamoureaux
  • Extract: Ao Redor do Brasil by Major Thomas Reis - Marechal Rondon and the Nhambiquaras
  • Found-footage: Camelos and operations Choque de Ordem - Source : Youtube
  • Found-footage: Saida do bloco de Carnaval Choque de Ordem, Irajá, Rio de Janeiro - Source : Youtube
  • Found-footage: Evictment of the São João homeless occupation, Praça da República, 16th September 2014, Sao Paulo - Source : Youtube
  • With the support of: Stiftung Kunstfond, French Consulat of Rio de Janeiro, Capacete Entretenimentos, Galeria do Lago - Museu da Republica, Uqbar project space EV - Berlin
  • Thanks: Giovanni Fernandes, Igreja positivista do Brasil, Museum Auguste Comte-Paris, Alexandre Martins, Danton Voltaire Perreira de Souza, Senior Clovis, Capacete Entretenimentos, Estelle Nabeyrat, Denise Milfont, Hildur Gudnadottir, Kári Grisey, Lucia, Galeria do Lago-Museu da Republica, Fabiana de Moraes, Antje Weitzel, Siri Lamoureaux
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