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(The Big Worm)
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31 Min

A car with a big sound system broadcasts a text of Eduardo Affonso Reidy on his modern architecture precepts. It drives around the Conjunto Habitacional Pedregulho, a social housing complex build from 1946 by the same architect and also called Minhocão (the big worm) by his inhabitants due to his curved form. The ballet of the driving car, combined with interviews, sound extracts from the fiction film Lucio Flávio, the passenger of agony (shot partly in the site) and other scenes, produce a portrait of a major modernist Brazilian building and of the popular northern zone´s context of Rio de Janeiro. The film raises issues about patrimony, politics and memory of social housings in a place which was about to be renovated after 50 years of state´s abandonment and autonomous management by its inhabitants.


With support of the residency programme Capacete and the French consulat of Rio de Janeiro.

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Brazil, France

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