A Mina dos Vagalumes / The proprieties of soil

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22 October–19 December 2015

In this group exhibition, the soil is envisaged as a narrative space and an animist narrator retaining traces of conflicts and the intimate scars of exploitation. Whether it is inhospitable, a refuge, a colonised land, a theatre of violence, this is where the layers History sediment and unfold, sometimes with irony or full of gaps.

The Properties of Soil proposes a political archaeology in which acts of appropriations by mankind and the idea of borders dialogue with the tales of stones and a vertical voyage through the strata of memory. With its own version of facts, the soil relays metamorphoses and travels – from the Moroccan Rif to the shifting borders in the Caribbean, from the Portuguese Alentejo to Quilombos in Brazil, as well as the elusive yet highly concrete space of the Internet.


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