Trappes, Ville Nouvelle / The ballot papers (excerpt)



simply the recognition of the neighbour’s right


so, my career began like that: in strike


their appropriation


« I go because we will be boumed », I couldn’t say “bombed” properly.


These are words that influence that person and make him understand he is not useful.


something like an experimental Smurfs’ village


We will tell everything that happened. When you tell, you feel better.


When my niece will go to the Mosque I will have no fear, because she won’t feel like a stranger, she will be able to speak French.


I had to do the cleaning and used new words


« Before, in 1972, there was still the tobacco shop and the Sonacotra worker’s housing in which the single workers used to live. I used to pick up people who were waiting for me at the bar of the workers housing and where people were drinking and having fun. Since few years, this workers housing, those cafés and bars have disappeared. If I have to pick up nowadays someone at the Mosque, then I think there is a big difference between waiting for someone in a Café or in a Mosque. »
Mr Abassi


Some people never talk to their colleagues because they are scared that words could be repeated at the top. Some are not able to speak even if they are suffering. Some colleagues take antidepressants even if they never needed them before. They swallow them in the dinning hall. It’s better to open yourself up and to speak. They are under pressure.


When we arrived and saw the school in the middle of the fields, I asked myself, why the hell did they put it here? Now I understand, I grasped that a long time ago when they built all around.
Misses Cordry


Mr Cordry : There were strikes during the Algerian war. Young people didn’t want to go there, we were used to strike often at that time. Some people chained themselves up when the Special Police came to embark them. There were daily trains going to Marseille or I don’t where, everyone tried to stop them. We always found a solution to keep them from going, or to pospone the departure of the wagons. We did everything to delay them. The government didn’t like it. They rushed the police into the depot towards us. Trade unionists didn’t like young people being sent over there, to be hit on the head in Algeria. Do you know what it means to hear bullets whistling? War isn’t funny for anyone.
Mme Cordry : Trappes was a real communists nest!

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