Sand Quarry

Video 6 min – 2005

A group of friends trip into the forest to unearth a slumbering history. The video explores the publicly manifesting forms of remembering: it looks in an urban environment for traces of the historical events of left-wing resistance and their participants.




April 19th 1970,
for the hundred anniversary
of lenins birth,
a statue of him
is inaugurated in East-Berlin
in the district of Friedrichshain.
It is constructed on the Leninplatz
which is crossed by the Leninallee.
The used material is a red granit
imported from Ukraine.
The ensemble is nineteen meter high
and stand in front of three towers
built at the same period.
The Leninplatz is now called
the place of the United Nations.
The statue of Lenin was cut
in 125 pieces at the end of 1991.
Those were bury away
under one meter sand
in the forest of Köpenick
waiting for a new affectation.


[Notes on Sandquarry]