Wo versteckt sich Rosa L. / Où se cache Rosa L.

The book Wo versteckt sich Rosa L. / Où se cache Rosa L. is based on a series of researches and photographs realized in Berlin between 2001 and 2004. This publication, a montage of pictures and texts, is an exploration into the memory of the city, thereby also becoming a subjective guide. The photographs of buildings, monuments, people and of interiors are coupled with legends, historical information and literary quotations reflecting both their current past position. The artist´s investigation unfolds along a planned course, on the one hand making visible figures and places that seem to have been emptied of the common representation of the history of Berlin and a reunified Germany and, on the other hand, confronting those, which are currently held national symbols in public memory to achieve a new architectural, monumental, political and historical city center with its gentrification consequences and its commodifications for tourism.






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