Prvi Deo

(with Florence Lazar)
documentary 86 min dolby stereo, 4/3 2006

The film is constructed around the current affairs topic of a trial in Belgrade, the first of its kind in Serbia to accuse Serbs of war crimes for their part in the Ovcara massacre near Vukovar in 1991, the first major massacre of the Yugoslavian wars in the 1990s. In a house in Belgrade, the families of victims bring up their observations of the trial, recounting and discussing it. In Vukovar, in a car travelling through the town at night, a voice talks of invisible traces. At the tribunal, the families and lawyers talk of the trial’s exhibits and issues. Two scenes in the room of the disappeared in Zagreb and  at the scene of the crime give concrete expression to the past event.


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Entretien entre Olivier Pierre, Raphaël Grisey et Florence Lazar, Juillet 2006 [fr]