To be at home before being at home

Part 1 : Video 16 min,  stereo 16/9 – DV  – 2004

The first part of the video 'To be at home before being at home' is a montage of a discussion between members of a band and an interview with the mayor of Trappes. The young people are sitting in a semi - circle facing the camera in their rehearsal room. They talk about the various possibilities of moving around within the urban area: in their neighbourhood, in Trappes, in the new part of the city, in the greater Paris area, up to travelling in France and to their homeland. They discuss the possibilities of using and appropriating different places, from staircases all the way to the social integration in the » bled«, the native village. The youths speak one after the other, exchanging experiences and conveying memories. They debate the different meanings of certain words and definitions having to do with travelling.

The mayor, in his office overhanging the city, comments on the new law of the former Minister of the Interior, Sarkozy, meant to prevent assemblies of more than three persons in stairways. He explains » résidentialisation « and the redevelopment projects in the urban area. » Résidentialisation « is an urban - political programme aimed at individualising and privatising the anonymous residential blocks of public - sector housing built from the 1950s to the 1980s. It offers the opportunity of » being at home before arriving home «. I´m present in both scenes but in different posture: I participate in the discussion of the youths, while remaining passive towards the mayor.



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To be at home before being at home [part 2]